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This is a special blog post which can’t be put in handicap section. But this section is only in french and I prefer to write in English this small tutorial.


Some of you already know, some don’t… I am disabled. I miss my right leg and I live in a wheelchair.

But I can drive (with a little change to my car) and I need to now where are the disabled reserved parking place.

As a GPS, I use the excellent OSMAnd which use OpenStreetMap data. And in those data the disabled reserved parking place are notice.

I will show you how to add those special POI1.

OSMAnd~ is the free version of OSMAndMe+. OSMAnd~ could be found on F-Droid.org. OSMAndMe+ is available as a paid application on the Google Play store. If you use OSMAnd~, please consider to make a small donation.

I suppose you already have installed OSMAnd~ and downloaded at least one map.

The main screen

The main screen of OSMAnd~ is really simple.

  • on the top left, the profile selection and the search icon;
  • on the bottom left the “hamburger menu” to access to many options, the route selection;
  • on the bottom right, the zoom buttons and the “find my current place” button.
Main Screen

Find the POI we want

In this case, I want to display the disabled reserved parking places.

The search screen

  • tap on the search icon (top left of the main screen);
  • on the new screen select “categories” and swipe to the end of the list;
  • choose “custom search” 2.
    Custom search

The filter screen

In the filter screen :

  • swipe to find transportation;

  • then in the transportation screen choose “parking place” (Emplacement de parking on my screenshot);

  • tap to the apply button on the bottom of the screen;

    Park places selection

  • The apply button change to “Display”. Tap on it;

  • tap on the filter buttons;

  • unfold “Disabled access”;

  • select both options;

    Select disabled options

  • the bottom button appear “Apply the filters”;

  • save your filter by taping on the save icon (bottom right of the screen);

    Save the search result

  • give name to your filter (“disabled parking place” for example).

Well the first part is done.

Displaying our new POI

Now we have a filter, we need to ask OSMAnd~ to display the place on the map.

  • on the top of the main screen tap on the “Select profile” icon (a small globe);
  • choose the car profile ;
  • select the “three dots” on “POI overlay;
  • on the list search for your filter;
  • tap on apply and..

You should see your custom POI.

The new POI are displayed

You can apply the same behavior to display “vegan restaurant” or “restroom for disabled person”, etc.


There is many step, but the satisfaction to have our own POI, corresponding to your goal.

  1. Point of Interest ↩︎

  2. My screen shot are in french, sorry. ↩︎

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