Borg in a jail

In this short tutorial we gonna learn how-to install Borg in a jail and use borgmatic on client machine. Remember to always read the doc if you have a doubt. To be honest, it’s really really easy. Borg is one of the most easy backup tool I saw. Believe me, I made a lot of backups, with scripts, with tar, cpio, based on ZFS snasphot, rsnapshot, NetBackup, etc. The host must have some configurations. [Read More]

FreeBSD on a ThinkPad

My laptop was at the end of its life. 3 years old only, but the keyboard was used by the cat to sleep, the FreeBSD support was not really good and I wasn’t very kind with it. So I decided to change. After asking the Facebook FreeBSD User Group I decided to buy a Lenovo X280 with a 500GB SSD, 16GB of memory and an Intel Corei7 8th generation, 4.00Ghz. [Read More]

I own a HP Proliant Micro Server Gen10. And it run FreeNAS. I put at the not deliverd CD device, a 250GB SSD for the system and 4 disks for the data. 2×3TB and 2×2TB. Perfect to make two differents zpool. On day I decided to change the both 3TB disks by 2 6TB disks. Here is how-to make this change. Hardware In addition of the server and the disks I used a double devices dock station. [Read More]