Make Maps (F-Droid) working

I was using Magic Earth for guiding me with my OnePlus 5T for a long time. But it seems there is some advertissements. No banner or some annoying stuff, but some POI are changed from the original openstreetmap, For example I saw the KFC logo… And I don’t like that.

After discuting with friends, they convince me to test Maps downloaded from F-Droid1.

So I download it and… It does not work. The application wait for a long time (and failed) to download essentials maps.

The search

I looked on duckduckgo2 and found a thread on the gitlab page of the project. This thread help me to find a workaround to this annoying problem.

 It’s long, take time, and you MUST be a little bit familiar with the command line interface.
 You are responsible of your action. I CANNOT garantee that will work on you device. Those operation COULD break your device. Be safe and make a BACKUP before any try.

 You must have enabled the developers tools on your device and allow usb adb. See the user guide of your device.

Find the maps

The maps files links are easy to find in the thread. They are located here.

Download the files

Download the maps files for your needs.

Create a folder an go on it

I created a folder in /tmp to download all the files needed:

 # mkdir /tmp/mapswithme && cd /tmp/mapwithme

Download the maps files

Then download the files you want. For example, I downloaded all France_* files with this command:

 # wget -r -l1 --no-parent -A France\*.mwm

You need to download some others maps:

  • World.mvm
  • WorldCoast.mvm
  • WorldCoast_obsolete.mvm

Download the fonts

With the same kind of command as above, you can download all the *ttf files.

Download complementary files

You need to download too:

  • country.txt
  • external_ressources.txt
  • packet_polygons.bin

On your device

On your device you can download, from F-droid, an old version of Maps (9.0.8-2) even there is a most recent version.

Launch the application

In order to create the destination maps folder on the device, launch the application and stop it after few seconds.

Find the destination folder

With a file browser, look at the MapsWithMe folder. It’s located on MY device on /storage/emulated/03.

  Back to your computer.

Copy the files to the device

You have to copy the downloaded files to the device, on the correct folder.

Connect your device

With your usb cable, connect the device to your computer. With a command line terminal check if you see your device:

 # cd /tmp/mapswithme
 # sudo adb kill-server
 # sudo adb start server
 # adb devices
 adb devices 
 List of devices attached
 6668888e	device

Copy the files

It’s time to copy all the download files on the device, using the adb command:

 # adb push packed_polygons.bin /storage/emulated/0/MapsWithMe/.
 # adb push *.mvm /storage/emulated/0/MapsWithMe/.
 # adb push *.ttf /storage/emulated/0/MapsWithMe/.
 # adb push *.txt /storage/emulated/0/Maps/WithMe/.

 On the device

New launch

If you launch the application again, the download screen should not be displayed and the configuration wizard start.

Update the application

You can now go back to F-Droid and update Maps to the latest version. Once launched again the application will ask you to update the maps.

That all folks

Now you should have a working installation of maps. Hoping this how-to helps you to discover this ads free guiding application.

Remember to thanks this author of the app (look at offer a coffee on f-droid) if you like it.

  1. The F-Droid version doesnt have any adverts, the google play version has. [return]
  2. DuckDuckGo is another search engine which not tracks you. [return]
  3. Be sure to notice the absolute path of the folder (starting with a /) [return]